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One of AP Creative Woodworks specality items are our pens.  Our pens are made of different types of wood including Oak, Walnut, Olive, Purple Heart, Bloodwood and many more.  We also have a large line of Acrylic pens in many different colors.


Why have a boring sign outside your business when you can have a beautiful sign with a 2D or 3D image on it.  We can create your sign out of several types of materials like wood, sign foam, PVC, vinyl and more.


We can create a custom 2d or 3d plaque for any occasion and from many types of materials to include wood, sign foam, PVC and even plexi with colored LED lights.

Creative Projects

We dont just build projects, we build Creative Projects.  Check out some of the items we can create for you or have us design something new.  Let your imagination run whild.


We have been creating military shadowboxes for the past 20 years.  You can choose from more than 15 different boxes here, or design your own and let us build it for you.

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